To help increase awareness of disability issues and advance related goals, we offer Disability Awareness Training to businesses and their employees.


Training Concept

During this 1-day training, your employees will learn first-hand what it is like to have a disability. We will demonstrate and provide hands-on activities to allow employees to experience various disabilities throughout the day. The goal is to help your employees:

  • Understand various types of disabilities
  • Become more empathetic towards people with disabilities
  • Learn how to treat others equally, regardless of their disability
  • See beyond the disability and value the individual's skills and abilities

Our Training Team

We have an expert training team that is not only knowledgeable and engaging, but also brings a fresh real-world perspective to the training. Our training team includes the following individuals:

  • A legally blind individual
  • A deaf individual
  • An individual who uses a wheelchair
  • And often we also include an individual with a traumatic brain injury or cognitive disability

The Results

We've found that preconceived ideas about people with disabilities prevent businesses from taking advantage of this largely untapped segment of the labor market. Through our Disability Awareness Training, we educate the business community regarding the wide range of skills possessed by those with disabilities, and to encourage them to look past the "disability" to see the employable individual. The local area is full of success stories that support the fact that people with disabilities can accomplish nearly anything!

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