Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a Communication Auxiliary Aid that empowers individuals to communicate by using video conferencing equipment to connect hearing and deaf individuals with an interpreter.

Remote Interpreter

Using a computer with a web camera or a videophone, a Deaf person and a hearing person can use VRI to communicate with each other. A remote interpreter appears on the computer or video screen and listens through a headset to what is being said and interprets it. The Deaf person and the remote interpreter sign back and forth over the camera and screen.

In-Room Interpreter

With an in-room interpreter, the interpreter can be in the same room with the Deaf individual, while the hearing person is in another location with video conferencing equipment. This allows the interpreter to interpret "in person" for the deaf person, while watching and listening to the hearing person remotely. Or the interpreter can be in the same room with the hearing person while the deaf person watches remotely.

Features & Benefits for Business

Any type of business and employer can use VRI services, including medical, legal, educational, financial, business and sales.

  • Communicate Without an Interpreter: In areas with a shortage of interpreters, such as rural areas, business or schools, VRI is a great communication tool.
  • Get Help During Emergencies: VRI is perfect for last-minute needs and emergencies.
  • Expand Your Customer/Service Base: VRI helps businesses or organizations that want to offer services or products to Deaf customers.
  • Lower Cost: VRI can be accessed immediately without paying last-minute fees. Minimum time fees can also be lower than for regular interpreting, and there may not be travel fees.

Easy to Set-Up

  • Step 1: Contact us
  • Step 2: View a demonstration of our VRI system
  • Step 3: Select a payment plan
  • Step 4: Receive a LogIn ID and a Password
  • Step 5: Login, select an interpreter, and begin communicating!