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Do you want to learn American Sign Language (ASL) or improve your signing skills? We offer beginner and intermediate sign language classes in our Saginaw office throughout the year.

American Sign Language is the 3rd most commonly used language in the US. It is recognized by the majority of colleges and universities as a foreign language and therefore fulfills language course requirements. Our classes are taught by certified ASL interpreters and/or deaf individuals.

What do you learn in our classes?

We provide expert training which includes not only the language itself, but also insight into deaf culture, customs and history.

Course Levels

We offer courses at these levels:

  • Beginner I (10-week course)
  • Beginner II (10-week course)
  • Intermediate (10-week course)

Course cost varies from $70 to $160, depending upon the course level and book needed.


The majority of our ASL classes are offered in our Saginaw office. However, if you have a group of 5 or more people that want to take a course together, we can do it on-site at your location, such as a school, church, business, etc. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

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